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Why Buy a Portable Monitor?

A portable monitor can be a fantastic solution for any home or office. It’s great for gaming and you can play colour switch games with ease, but of course, people aren’t sure if a portable screen is for them. It’s easy to see why so many remain torn over the use of a portable monitor as it seems unnecessary; however, it – actually – is one of the best options…

color switch 2
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Color switch 2 is actually a sequel to color switch. This game is a fun amplified version of its predecessor, color switch. This version was created by David Reichelt but without any collaboration from Fortafy Games. It is a game that centers on the gamer’s navigating the ball to the end goal, which is the finish line. The obstacles in this game are colors, other than the color of the…

Dummy Never Fails
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  Dummy never fails is an adventure game consisting of 52 levels, developed by Tanoku. This is an enthralling and relatively fun filled game that involves dummies being shot from cannons.  The dummies shot from the cannon are aimed at a “target object” which is a multicolored sphere usually embedded in a square. Dummy never fails is a game that was created as a form of creative entertainment for all…

advanced color switch
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Color switch, a worth playing game

Color switch is an addictive game whereby the player has to tap the screen continuously to make the color ball advance up. But, if you hit it at the wrong time that means you would have to start the game over. It is indeed a unique game that helps improve the agility of the player; and the game can be played irrespective of one’s gender and age. Game’s overview The…

bubble breaker game
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Bubble breaker game; exciting and addictive for all ages players

Bubble breaker game is an exciting game play that is not only restricted to children. The player has to concentration when playing the game in order to crush two or more balls of the same color and move to the next stage of the game. Features Cool animation effect for the player during the game The music is classical and unique to listen to when playing. The player is able…

soccer physics, Crazy game
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Soccer Physics game, a Family Entertaining Gameplay

Soccer Physics game is such exciting  game play that you just can’t get enough and l mean it in a good way. It is a 2-on-2  mobile football game whereby players have 11a short amount of time to win. The first group of players to score five goals wins. Players have the tendency to sustain injury due to the structure of the game and it is the natural chaos that…

Tower Defense Game
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  There are a lot of tower defense game play that has been created but Minecraft tower defense have been found to be one of the best. It is a game that combines the epochal Minecraft games and tower defense almost perfectly. Minecraft tower defense game is a game of strategy as created by antimYt. It uses simple and fun-engaging tower defense strategies to defend the pixelated character from creatures.…

color switch challenge
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If you always had a thing for colors or you are a lover of colors then this game is for you. Color switch challenges explore the aesthetics of colors and how fast we can react to change in color. This game was created by David Reichelt but it was first discovered by Fortafy Games, while the new version was created independently. Game overview When playing this game, one has to…

G-switch 3 game play
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G-Switch 3, Silly but exciting game

Switch 3 is a game that is specifically designed for PC, Mac or gamers. An exciting game that is filled with a bit of mystery whereby the player unveils hidden path ways while trying to over come obstacles alone their way. Where and how to play The player runs through an intense gravity that occurs in the floors, walls and ceiling with the aim of retrieving the 7 orbs that…

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  This is another intense, fun filled, and thrilling platform game. Stickman boost was developed by Y8. The game was developed in an adventurous and it requires the skills of the gamer to get the “stickman” through all the hurdles. In playing this game, the gamer must not lose sight of what is most important, which is protecting stickman. Game overview In this game, you don’t only need to control…