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bubble breaker game

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Bubble breaker game is an exciting game play that is not only restricted to children. The player has to concentration when playing the game in order to crush two or more balls of the same color and move to the next stage of the game.


  • Cool animation effect for the player during the game
  • The music is classical and unique to listen to when playing.
  • The player is able to choose any of the three levels to play it does not have to be accordingly.
  • By tapping 3 or more identical colors of ball to pop. The more balls you pop the higher your score increase.

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Where and how to play this game.

Bubble breaker is such an addictive game that you just can’t get enough of it once you start playing it.  When playing the game called bubble breaker your aim is to get as much point as you can in order to proceed to the next stage.

How to pop those little  ball bubbles is quite simple they might be arranged horizontal or vertical in the game so all you have to do is tap the balls and it explodes. The more bubbles you tap the higher your score gets.

The game also has other cool features just like the background and how you might want to play the game. There are alot of hidden effects and tricks that can help you become the master of the game.

The game consists of three levels;

  • The casual level

In order to reach the require target, the player during the game has to tap two or more balls that are of the same colors on the screen in order to crush the balls and move onto the next level. The required target number keeps on increasing as the player moves unto the next level so in order to gain access to the next stage of the game you have to beat the target on the scoreboard.

  • The classic level

This level is quite simple than the rest. This level entails the player tapping identical balls on the screen in order to crush them and once you beat the targeted score the player wins and it is game over. But you can play it over and over again till your satisfied with your achievement.

  • The survival level

This level is a bit complex because the player has to tap the screen in order to crush identical balls so when there is no more balls to crush then a new set of ball will appear for the player to play again till there are no more balls but rather bricks.


This is a game that has no age limits both children and adults can play it. The game was designed in such a way that the player is determined to pass the target and move on to the next level.

Although the game is not a new game and has been played by many game lovers so if you are looking for an amazing game to keep you relaxed and focus then bubble breaker game is your best option.  Break,  pop and win stages in Bubble breaker gameplay.


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