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color switch 2

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Color switch 2 is actually a sequel to color switch. This game is a fun amplified version of its predecessor, color switch. This version was created by David Reichelt but without any collaboration from Fortafy Games.

It is a game that centers on the gamer’s navigating the ball to the end goal, which is the finish line. The obstacles in this game are colors, other than the color of the ball. The game makes use of 4 colors namely; cyan, yellow, magenta and purple.

Game Overview

This game is very entertaining with 31 game modes in this model as opposed to 56 of the former model. In the first version also, gamers were presented with 270 variety of balls to pick from, while in this version we are presented with just 206 balls. Each game mode has a different style with which the ball will be navigated.

The first version had 42 game modes with endless levels, while color switch 2 currently has 27 game modes with endless levels. The endless levels in the respective modes allows you play until you hit an obstacle. So, you can actually stay glued to this game until you can no longer get enough of it!

The reduction in gaming mode, doesn’t make the game less fun. In fact it has been found to increase its playability and engagement. Talking about how this game affects you as an individual? It tests the human mind in unimaginable ways.

It gives you (both children and adults) an overview of what the high and lows in life can do to you. You might become wrecked after attempts of trying to finish a level, but with time you will finish it and emerge victorious.

This article aims at giving old and new players tips on how to victorious in this game.

Platform for Color Switch 2

Color switch 2 can be played on desktop and mobiles (android and iOS). On androids, it can be downloaded directly from Google playstore while on iOS it can be downloaded from the app store. The good aspect of it is that it is absolutely free.

How to Play Color Switch 2

  • Firstly, select the most suitable game mode for yourself. I’d advise that you choose a challenging mode, so that you can actually test your perseverance and attitude towards frustration.
  • The ball is always found on a paddle and the screen of the device on which it is being played has to be tapped to start.
  • The ball can make any of these eight movement; jump, slide, switch direction, glide, turn, shoot, move obstacles or slow down speed. The movement solely depends on the way the gamer taps the screen.
  • Use a light tap to keep the ball in place while the right color on the obstacle is in place. A harder tap propels the ball forward.
  • Stars are collected as the ball advances towards the finish line. These stars can be used to shop for new locked balls and modes.

Review Summary for Color Switch 2

Since its release in 2016, this game has garnered a lot of positive reviews. Users stay glued to their phones in order to focus and lead the ball towards the finish line. Give this game a chance to occupy you and free your mind. It definitely cures boredom and gives players an opportunity to rest their minds. Free download the game Here.



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