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advanced color switch

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Color switch is an addictive game whereby the player has to tap the screen continuously to make the color ball advance up. But, if you hit it at the wrong time that means you would have to start the game over. It is indeed a unique game that helps improve the agility of the player; and the game can be played irrespective of one’s gender and age.

Game’s overview

The features in the game are amazing; The game is very entertaining with 34 game modes in this model, while the gamers are presented with 270 variety of balls to pick from. The colors of the balls and the music soundtrack is amazing to listen to when playing.

Thought the game looks like an easy game that anyone can just pick up and play, but that is not true. It is quite difficult that even adults face some challenges when playing it; but still it is impossible to get bored when playing the game due to the unlimited choices to pick from and the structure of the game.

 Platform for Color Switch

Color switch can be played on desktop and mobiles (android and iOS). On androids, it can be downloaded directly from Google playstore. On iOS it can be downloaded from the app store. The good aspect of it is that it is absolutely free. Amazing right!

Where and how to play the game

  • Each ball must be moved carefully through the obstacles at the right time and every minute the ball changes color with stars so you have to avoid passing through the wrong color because if that happens you will have to start over again.
  • Color is an integral part of the game that even if you don’t complete a level you can still earn stars and use the stars earned to purchase new balls.
  • The player must follow the color pattern on each obstacles in order to cross them and win that level.

Review summary

The mobile game color switch after a year of its release made 130 million hits but the game’s creator known as david Reichelt with further research showed that he is color blind. This game can help you individually with the way you react towards life problems and how to solve them. Also, The game helps to improve your mental thinking.

 The game is relatively simple but still involves a very attentive, careful and watchful player. This game engages the mind in unimaginable ways and it is very easy to get addicted to the game.


The game indeed has it’s flaws such has the frequent ads that pop up on the screen when playing the game but the game is about patience and concentration which the player must apply when playing the game in order to win.

It is hard to stop the game once you start but the game give players the chance to prepare their next strategy that they would use during the game. It is a game that is truly worth playing; you can free download color switch from amazon.


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