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color switch challenge

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If you always had a thing for colors or you are a lover of colors then this game is for you. Color switch challenges explore the aesthetics of colors and how fast we can react to change in color. This game was created by David Reichelt but it was first discovered by Fortafy Games, while the new version was created independently.

Game overview

When playing this game, one has to trust their instinct as the colors change anytime the ball passes an obstacle. The game is relatively simple but still involves a very attentive, careful and watchful player. This game engages the mind in unimaginable ways and it is very easy to get addicted to the game.

The game makes use of four colors, namely, cyan, yellow, magenta and purple. There are obstacles in this game, obstacles you have to avoid till you get to the finish line. But there are modes in which this game can be played and you get to choose.

The modes include; challenge and race. And under these modes you have the easy, medium and hard category. This makes the fun endless. Challenge yourself to play any level, here is an easy demonstration from level 1 to 5:

Platform for Color Switch Challenge

This game can be played on desktops, android phones and iOS phones. For the android, it can be downloaded from Google play, while for iOS, it can be downloaded from app store. Another fun thing about this game is that it is Free! You don’t have to pay anything to get it. Easy!

How to Play Color Switch

Like I said before, this game is relatively easy.  This game depends on constant screen tapping by the player. To change course and navigate ball, tap the screen. The obstacles in this game aren’t static. They move and rotate and can change course at any time. Your ultimate goal is to move past all the obstacles to the finish game.

The enemies of the bouncing ball in this game are the other colors it did not take on. So, if your ball is magenta, it can only bounce or move through a magenta obstacle. Any other color make the ball explode. Color change takes place as you move past an obstacle. See this  hard demonstration for color-switch challenge from level 90 to 100 :

Challenge Mode

The challenge mode has 100 levels with three difficult modes namely; easy, medium and hard. The easy difficulty is from level 1-32, the medium difficulty is from level 33-73 and the hard difficulty is from 74-100.

These difficulties might be easy, but they still require skill. The hardest level according to wiki fandom is level 88 because the obstacles spin at a very fast rate.

Review Summary

Color switch is simple enough for kids to play, but there is no doubt that some adults would find it tasking. Since, its creation this game has garnered a lot of thumbs up from users and many have compared it to candy crush. It is a game that is truly worth playing.

Color switch in the challenge mode is more fun than it is frustrating. The game developers did so well in putting the software together. So much so that when the player is able to reach the finish line successful, confetti are thrown and cheers are given. Just another feature I know you would love. Download a featured version of color-switch challenge for free.

To effectively control the colors in this game and reach the most challenging levels, you will certainly need a good, ergonomically designed game controller, preferably with bluetooth.


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