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Dummy Never Fails

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Dummy never fails is an adventure game consisting of 52 levels, developed by Tanoku. This is an enthralling and relatively fun filled game that involves dummies being shot from cannons.  The dummies shot from the cannon are aimed at a “target object” which is a multicolored sphere usually embedded in a square.

Dummy never fails is a game that was created as a form of creative entertainment for all digital devices. This game takes into consideration some basic laws of physics. It more or less explains time of flight and range of horizontally thrown objects—in this case a dummy.

Where and How to Play Dummy Never Fails

Dummy never fails is best suited for ages ranging from 8 and above. The animation of the game is pretty cool and descriptive. Like I said before, it is fun filled. This can also be played online on laptops and computers. It is also an arcade game, meant to be enjoyed by anyone irrespective of gender.

The skills required for this game is seemingly different for each of the 52 stages/levels. As you advance in the game, the game gets tougher and like that old adage says, “as the going gets tough, the tough gets going.”

Questions that might fill your mind is if you are tough enough to pass all 52 stages? Or if you can you actually harness my dummy skills? The answer is yes! Absolutely! Anyone can.

In this article, steps will be listed and tips would be given on how best you can play this game and emerge victorious. More tricks here.

How to Play Dummy Never Fails

  • Using your mouse, aim the cursor in the direction you want to shoot your dummy. It should be directed towards a target object. The distance between the dummy and the cannon determines the amount of force with which the dummy would be shot.
  • Yes, your dummy can go through pain. So, you have to be careful on the amount of pain you would inflict on it. The more force you use in shooting your dummy, the more pain it feels. A pain meter is usually at the top left of your screen. The trick to maintain a low reading on the pain meter is to get a high score.
  • As you advance to higher levels, the target object becomes more difficult to reach. More obstacles would be encountered and you would have to break through all of them.
  • Use letter R to retry, letter N to next and letter S to slow down.

How to Unlock All Dummy Skins on Dummy Never Fails

At the start of the game, you’ll be given a basic dummy. As you advance in the game, new skins are given. There is the farmer, Tourist, Cow, Monster, Censored, Programmer, Tanoku fan, Sponsor, Muscleman, Mech and 41 other skins.

Skins that are given only after you must have solved a puzzle or completed some stages. It all depends on the TOC of the skin. For example to unlock the farmer skin, you must have completed ten levels. It gets better and tougher as you advance. Each skin determines its own test.

Reviews Dummy Never Fails Has Garnered

This game has garnered over 30 million plays around the world since its inception. On  most sites, this game has received very excellent reviews and ratings.

I played this game as a child, and would definitely enjoy playing it even now. It is a personal achievement to complete all 52 levels. See this game:



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