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G-switch 3 game play

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Switch 3 is a game that is specifically designed for PC, Mac or Nintendo Switch gamers. An exciting game that is filled with a bit of mystery whereby the player unveils hidden path ways while trying to over come obstacles alone their way.

Where and how to play

The player runs through an intense gravity that occurs in the floors, walls and ceiling with the aim of retrieving the 7 orbs that are hidden at the 10 checkpoints of each level. As you move through each level of the game you get to meet new characters and challenge them in order to improve your skills.

The game comprises of three levels and allows four players to play simultaneously using one device in a local multi-player mode.

During the game, flipping without timing oneself could lead to the player falling off and once that happens it means game over for the player. One major advantage of this online game for players is that you get to discover your own mental and physical strength.

There are three methods you can use to play;

  • The classical mode

The rule is for the player to be able to run as far as he or she can and overcome obstacles along the way without getting caught in the game. It does not require any kind of specific button so you can use any type of button during the game.

  • The endless mode

As the name signifies it is known as an endless game whereby the player can keep on playing as much as he or she wants while using the exact control to move during the game.

  • The multiplayer mode

When playing the game the player can use different controls for movement and the controls are listed at the beginning of the game to enable the player to pick his or her preferences. The player is eligible to play with other players; two as the minimum number and eight as the maximum number.

G-Switch’s features

  • Each player can now complete those complex levels on time using lighting-speed reflex the player can run and flip over gravity with ease during the game.
  • Each player can pass through the three levels with thirty checkpoints at each level.
  • The controls can be accessed by a single tap
  • When using your computer you can play tournaments with six opponents in the game.
  • Each player can test their skills when playing endless game mode and use it to increase their former score.
  • when playing the fresh clone mode during the game, a player can control two characters at the same time and in order to unlock new characters the player will have to collect twelve secret orbs during the game.


A lot of person have this ideology that no game is perfect but G-Switch is an exception as every detail in the game including the background was done in a creative and unique manner. As easy as the game might look, it has some level that are extremely hard to play that you would have to play over and over again before you might be able to win and move on to the next level.

The game give the player that sense of peace and feeling of a quiet atmosphere that you can’t get when playing other games. It is like a rhythm game by which the player has to master the perfect timing before he or she can leap from one platform to another.


The G-Switch game that was first released in 2010 with over a million players then now has a new improved version for both new and old game players. So, it’s time to grab your Nintendo switch Controller, play G-Switch 3 and become the master of the game.

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