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Minecraft tower defense 2 is a sequel to Minecraft tower defense, which is the first version. This is indeed an exciting game that combines the Minecraft and tower defense to give players an adventurous experience. This game was created by antimYt, the same developer of the first version.

This version 2.0 is similar to the first in the sense that it still uses a pixelated character. The pixelated character in this version is called Steve but this version is like chapter two of the whole Minecraft tower defens because it sees Steve, the pixelated character as the protagonist that must defend himself against the enemies.

More Adventure in the version 2

In the first version, the player is provided with 3 identical maps to play on with 8 different items. It is quite different in this version because the player is provided with over 16 different maps and 18 different items to play with.

The fact that the first version was a game of minimalist strategy hasn’t changed. In this version, strategies and tactics also needs to be employed in order for Steve to conquer the enemies.

The fate of Steve depends on the gamer—you. You are solely responsible for Steve with your help Steve would build defenses like mines and turrets to evade and trap the enemies. Mind you, Steve is brave and resilient but he still needs your skill set to succeed.

So, can you help Steve evade his enemies and lead him safely to his defense tower? Let us help you achieve that by giving you tips on how to defend Steve. More play tricks for MINECRAFT TOWER DEFENSE game.

Platform for Minecraft Tower Defense 2

This game is not mobile compatible but it can only be played on desktop and online. Minecraft tower requires a web browser game that also requires adobe flash player plug-in in order to function. The only browsers compatible for this game is chrome and Firefox. The mouse is used to navigate your pixelated character to victory. The amazing aspect is that it is absolutely free for download.

How to Play Minecraft Tower Defense 2

First of all, you should know that this game has three exciting adventurous mode. As you advance each level it gets tough. The three modes are adventure, survival and challenges mode. Note that these modes do not follow each other. You can select whatever mode you wish to play in.

  • After loading the game on your browser, click START on your screen to be directed to main menu.
  • Proceed to choosing the mode you want to play in and select a war map of your choice.
  • Not all maps will be open for selection but the more you play, other war maps will be unlocked.
  • Proceed to digging path that would lead Steve to the defense tower. It is very advisable to dig a roundabout path as it makes defense convenient.
  • You must be able to help Steve evade waves from the enemies. To do so, click skip wave.
  • Build turrets and place mines in strategic positions to evade enemies.
  • To reset, click R. Use letters W, A, S, D keys or arrow keys to navigate Steve around the mine.

Review Summary

This game is a must play for everyone. It might seem simple and something that only children should play but adults can also enjoy it. This game has received massive online plays across the world.

Enjoy playing this cool online game and survive all waves! Explore infinite worlds and build everything from the simplest of homes to the grandest of castles. Play in creative mode with unlimited resources or mine deep into the world in survival mode, crafting weapons and armor to fend off dangerous mobs. Download Minecraft for Fire TV from amazon.

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