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Tower Defense Game

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There are a lot of tower defense game play that has been created but Minecraft tower defense have been found to be one of the best. It is a game that combines the epochal Minecraft games and tower defense almost perfectly.

Minecraft tower defense game is a game of strategy as created by antimYt. It uses simple and fun-engaging tower defense strategies to defend the pixelated character from creatures. But first you must create a path to your defensive tower.

The defensive tower is created to protect your character from the dangers of the outdoors. In digging your path to the defensive tower, resources will be given to enable you to properly defend yourself.

This game is indeed a game of minimalist strategies, as players are meant to never lose sight of what most important (defending their characters) and to make smart decisions on the direction to dig.

There is a total of 3 levels on the Minecraft defense tower game, namely; island, dungeon and nether level. When playing you can select any of the levels, the levels doesn’t follow each other. It is not necessary you finish level 1 in order to get to level 2. You can opt to play any level that is most suited for you.

Platform for Minecraft Defense Games

This game is most suited for desktop. It is only phone compatible for browsers such as firefox and chrome. In order to function, it requires the adobe flash player plug-in.

How to play Minecraft tower defense game

To play, you have to keep digging up and setting up your path, like a miner would do when looking for treasures. The path dug will lead your pixelated character to their house, which is meant to serve as a defense tower.

Asides from defensive towers, traps like egg throwing towers, water pods and archer towers are also built as form of extra defense. As paths are dug by the player, resources will be found. These resources will be used to upgrade and build turrets.

The character has four lives, represented by red hearts. Each time, the enemy touches your character, it loses a life—a heart. So, in playing this game you have to be very strategic to evade the enemies. As you upgrade, more defense weapons will be built and more enemies will be defeated. Free download the Block Defender – Defense of the Pixel Tower from amazon.

Reviews summary

This Minecraft tower defense is suitable for kids between the ages of 7 and 13. Adults can play it too. The game can be enjoyed by all and sundry. Minecraft games is very beneficial to kids in the sense that it helps them develop problem solving skills for task, it makes innovative and inventive and it also improves contiguous and analytical skills.

Some schools have incorporated the game into their everyday school routine while Players have found this game to be very tasking and engaging. This game succeeds in keeping your mind active anytime you play it. It is indeed a must play for everyone!

So, do you think you have what it takes to take on the enemies and defend your house? To find out how far you can go, download the game and test your strategic skills. Be prepared for the joyride that this game will take you through as it engages you. Hang on your Nintendo Switch 32GB Console Video Games and enjoy every win and never cower from any defeat.



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