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This is another intense, fun filled, and thrilling platform game. Stickman boost was developed by Y8. The game was developed in an adventurous and it requires the skills of the gamer to get the “stickman” through all the hurdles. In playing this game, the gamer must not lose sight of what is most important, which is protecting stickman.

Game overview

In this game, you don’t only need to control your stickman in order to run and jump. The software has been endowed with extra special packages to assist in the evading of hurdles and obstacles. The extras include; the super boost and a jet pack.

Stickman boost is nerve racking and would definitely keep you on your toes. This game will test your patience and resilience with each of its 10 and two bonus fun filled adventurous levels. As you advance, the game gets tougher and the obstacles become daunting. To not give up is to emerge victorious at the finish line.

In playing this game, you would understand what it means to protect your property—in this case stickman. With each level, a seeming difficult hurdle; are you ready? Do you have what it take to jump over spikes continuously? Can you protect stick man? How the game unfolds depends on you—the gamer.

In this article, the answers to all the questions bothering you about how to protect stickman will be answered. The where and the how would be concisely dealt with.

Platform for Stickman Boost

Stickman boost is accessible on all web browsers. It can be downloaded from preferred sites and played on desktops and mobile phones (androids and iOS). More about this game:

How to Play Stickman Boost

Stickman boost can be played using the mouse to control the directions of the stickman in the case of a desktop. While in the case of mobile phones, it can be played by gently tapping and making finger movements on the screen. It has already been established in the former part of this article that this game is exciting. So, let’s get down to the tips on how to play the game.

  • To move your stickman use the arrow keys on the mouse.
  • To do a double jump double click instinctively on the upward arrow. You must always be ready any sort of obstacle that would come your way. The spaces between obstacles might be so short, and that is why you would need to employ instinct.
  • Special power packs like the jetpack, super boost, motorcycles and slow motions have also been included in the game to assist you in attaining victory.
  • In guiding your stickman character ensure that you can completely avoid being cut up by saws, jagged by spikes and exploded by mines.

Review Summary on Stickman Boost

This game is as interesting as they come. It has received massive game play since its release in 2018. It is challenging for both the young and old. With 10 levels of fun and two bonus stages, this game is sure to give you all the fun you need.

The game is available for download for free. It is indeed one of the best platform games of our time. Free download the game from amazon.and guide your stickman character to victory.

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